Pacific Sierra Mackerel

(scomberomorus sierra)

Description & Behavior

The Sierra is characterized by its elongated body with short snout, bronze green on the back, silver-white sides and belly, and a series of medium-sized yellow spots on its sides.

It has 7 to 10 finlets between the second dorsal fin and the caudal fin and between the anal fin and the caudal fin. The Sierra might be confused with the Monterey Spanish Mackerel, Scomberomorus concolor (no yellow spots). The Sierra is a coastal pelagic schooling species found in all Mexican waters, normally in the first 50 feet of the water column. The Sierra is reported to reach a length of three-and-one-half feet (24 inch models more common) and 12 pounds. This species is caught on almost any lure or bait, but has a set of horrific teeth and wire leader is recommended. It is viewed by locals as excellent table fare but one that must be prepared on the day of the catch.

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