FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of fishing equipment do I need?
All fishing Tackle & Equipment is provided by the captain.  If you prefer you may also bring along some specialized tackle if you wish but it is not necessary. (to the top)

Do I need a Passport?
You will need a valid Passport to travel to Mexico.  Make sure it is not expired!  US Customs Service Link (to the top)

Can I Take The Fish Home?
You may bring the catch home if you wish but it will need to be professionally packaged and frozen to avoid issues.  Please see the packing house link on the LINKS PAGE(to the top)

What Is The Weather Like?
Cabo San Lucas has some magnificent weather and can be very comfortable in the Winter months though it can get very hot in the Summer.  Evenings are generally cool and light jackets & sweatshirts would be a good idea.  Early in the mornings are the same and bring some extra clothing in case.  Once the sun comes up be prepared with a hat & sun block. Cabo San Lucas Weather (to the top)

Can I Bring My Children?
Children are welcome and it would be a great experience for them too!  I believe that 8 or 9 years would be a minimum age recommendation but I also think it is up to the parent’s discretion.  Small children should have their own life jacket. (to the top)

What Language Is Spoken?
Spanish is the main language in Mexico however Cabo San Lucas caters very much to English speaking people and therefore there should not be a problem with conversation.  Most captains speak some English. (to the top)

How Do I Get There?
You will need to fly to the San Jose Del Cabo Airport (SJD) located in Los Cabos Mexico.  At the airport you will need to take a taxi to the Hotel.  There are many flights with this destination.  My Links page has some suggestions. (to the top)

What Other Expenses Should I Expect?
Taxi cabs are pretty expensive and if you plan on taking side trips you can expect to pay approximately $80 to $100 each way between the airport and the hotel as an example (4 persons).  Food and drink are very similar to costs in the United States.  Gratuities on the boat and alcohol are also extra. (to the top)

Where Is Cabo San Lucas?
Cabo San Lucas is located approximately 900 niles south of San Diego on the Southern tip of  Mexico’s Baja Penisula. (to the top)

How Big Are The Boats?
The Pangas are about 26 to 28 foot long boats with steering consoles.  They are fairly spartan but very good fishing boats.  There are no washrooms on the pangas and they are primarily used on half day trips.  The Cruisers range from 28 to 35 feet long and have enclosed washroom facilities. (to the top)

How Much Am I Expected To Tip The Crew?
Tips are expected and customary in Cabo and the mates and captains appreciated them. The mates get no pay if they do not work hard!  You should expect to tip between $50 to $150 per day of fishing per boat. (to the top)

Can I Bring Beer On The Boat?
There is no problem bringing beer on the boat and the crew will be glad to ice them for you.  You do not need a cooler.  Beer can be purchased on land or the captain can stop on the way out at a shop on the dock. (to the top)

What Type Of Fishing License Do I Need?
Fishing licenses are required in Cabo San Lucas and they are provided in my vacation packages at no extra cost to you. (to the top)

Will The Captain Clean The Fish For Me?
The captain will clean your catch for meals back at the dock.  Please bring some plastic bags as they do not provide them. (to the top)

Can I Have A Meal Of Fresh Fish Prepared?
The restaurants and hotels are very accommodating in the cooking of your catch.  I have some restaurants that I recommend on my Links Page however it is very common and a great thing to do every night! (to the top)

Is There A Beach And Pool By The Hotel?
The hotel has a pool and also has a free shuttle to a beach resort that they have arrangements with also.  The most notable beach in the area is called Medano Beach. (to the top)

Where Is The Night Life In Cabo San Lucas?
WOW!  The nightlife in Cabo is pretty wild if you wish to participate and it is located within minutes walking distance from the hotel.  The bars and restaurants are all close by too! (to the top)

How Much Is The Taxi From The Airport To The Hotel?
Taxi cabs are approximately $80 to $100 each way between the airport & the hotel. (to the top)

What Type Of Currency Is Used?
US Currency is accepted everywhere as are credit cards. (to the top)

Our fishing packages are very organized and descriptions can be found on the Package Prices page.