Cabo San Lucas is found at the Southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula

What makes Cabo such a great fishing destination is its neighboring waters of the Gulf Of California and its combination of waters where they meet the South Pacific. Along with incredible fishing year round there is also a great combination of scenery and a very friendly people whose culture is centered around fishing. The scenery is nothing less than breathtaking and the weather is outstanding.

At Fish Cabo we provide excellent Mexican Captains who fish year round and are very experienced at their job. We provide all Hotel Lodging and equipment. We even provide lunch and refreshments in order to make this a very simple trip.

We believe in the sport of fishing and support catch and release of most game fish however we have the setup to clean and freeze your catch if that is what you desire.

Cabo has a great variety of species of game fish available to the angler. The most noted species is The Marlin. We have availability almost year round of some of the best Striped Marlin fishing anywhere. These fish can average almost 125 pounds and some can be found much larger in these waters. There are also the Striped Marlins big brothers at times of the year available. The Blue and Black Marlin show up at times and these underwater freight trains can really satisfy the desire of a trophy hunter!

Our boats range from Super Pangas to Mid Sized cruisers and some of our boats can handle from 2 to 4 persons. We also have larger boats available upon request. We believe in light tackle fishing when practical. We provide excellent tackle and you do not need to bring any fishing equipment along.

Our fishing packages are very organized and descriptions can be found on the Package Prices page.